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Curbside Grocery Pickup in Lantana, Texas










Going to the grocery store and stocking up for your household should be considered a job in itself. Between making your way through the maze of groceries and hauling it to your car, it is time consuming and exhausting.

Our wonderful Kroger located in Lantana, Texas, amongst many others, will do the job for you! 21 Kroger stores, including our very own in Lantana next to Argyle, are rolling out a new service for their shoppers called ClickList. Selected stores are hiring and training 20 new people per store and adding parking signs and ClickList staging areas. Kroger even designed a new over-sized cart with shelves that will allow ClickList employees to fill up to six online orders at a time.

ClickList curbside pickup was put in the first phase of Krogers where customers are big digital users of it’s website and shopping app. If your Kroger was left out, not enough of your neighbors are already communicating digitally with Kroger. As Kroger builds new stores, the ClickList features will be included in the new construction and Kroger expects to add existing stores after the first batch are completed.