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Attic Space: New Ideas for New Construction












Most people see their attic as a nonfunctional space that is not suitable for a living space. Usually what you will find in our attics are boxes, old furniture and maybe a cobweb or two. It’s time to rethink the storage space and turn your attic into a room you will really love. Whether you are building a new home in the Dallas area or redoing your beloved Lantana home, when finished out an attic can be a lovely space your family can enjoy. Here are a few ideas…

Craft Room: Hang some of your favorite artwork up for inspiration. Fill the area with a table, easel and some craft supplies. Enjoy creating and getting messy with your family without worrying about a mess in the rest of your home. You can even add a clothes line with clothes pins for a cute way to dry and display your creations!

Game Room: Put in a flat screen TV and some bean bag chairs or a pool table. Put all the kids’ toys, games and gadgets up there and they will have the perfect game room! They will have a contained space to spread out, scatter toys and make noise. The best part…it will keep the clutter and noise out of the rest of your home.

Reading Nook: Instead, you might like a quiet getaway of your own. Decorate the room with colors you love. Put in an armchair or even a hammock along with throw pillows and blanketsto make it a cozy area. Add shelves filled with your favorite books and nick-knacks.

There are so many ways to get much more use out of your unused spaces. With all the new construction techniques you have endless options!