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Why Buy New?

Having a hard time making the decision between buying a new or preowned home? Every home in Lantana, Texas has been built with new construction techniques and building materials which have given purchasing new the upper hand with not only financial advantages but lifestyle advantages too! Here are some reasons why your new home will make your life and wallet richer…


Energy Efficiency

Huge advancements in science, systems and materials have made purchasing a new construction home an undeniably smart investment. Improvements in everything from high-performance windows to the superior thermal, water, and gas systems will keep your dollars in your pocket and out of your energy bill.

Fresh Architectural Design

All of our homebuilders have fresh and new floor plans, on-trend design accents, appliances and technology accompanied with the best materials, products, and workmanship to produce gorgeous modern homes. Do not settle for an outdated home when your new home will provide you with advanced appliances and exquisite, contemporary architecture.

Low Maintenance

When you buy a preowned home, there is often maintenance and repairs that come up quickly and can get pricey. When you purchase a new home you enjoy the benefits of all new appliances and amenities. You can also rest easy in knowing if anything goes wrong Lantana’s top-of-the-line builders offer many different warranties to make sure you are covered and content in your purchase.


Make it Yours!

Purchasing a new home lets you personalize your home to perfectly suit you and your family. Building your own home lets you choose your desired floor plan, make adjustments, customize exterior and interior colors, and add finishing touches to make your home scream *your name here*!


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