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5 Ways to Meet Your Neighbors in Lantana

Are you new to Lantana, TX? Even if you’ve been a part of our DFW master-planned community for some time now, you may not know your neighbors well.  Meeting new neighbors can give both you and your children the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and meet different kinds of people. If you’re stuck on how to approach the situation, take a look at these 5 Ways to Meet Your Neighbors:





1. Host a Party

Open up the doors of your Lantana home and let people in your community come on in. The easiest way for people to meet each other starts with having everyone in the same place. Whip up a simple invite and place it on the doorsteps of homeowners on your block inviting them over. Make the party a potluck to have another talking point!


2. Give a Gift

A small gift will go a long way to make your neighbors feel welcome. Add a personal touch when you can by making a homemade card or tag to go along with it. It can be as simple as a small plant or a bottle of wine.


3. Take it Outside

Being out and about in the community allows you numerous opportunities to introduce yourself to some of your neighbors. Take your children or pets to the park and speak with other families around you. After all, you already have two interests in common!


4. Tasty Treats

Offering tasty treats to your neighbor is not a new idea, but it’s a good one! Go old fashioned by whipping up a batch of cookies or invite your neighbors out for a lunch or dinner at the Shops of Highland Village.


5. Get Involved

Our community hosts events throughout the year that make it easy to connect with others in Lantana. To make the most of living here and to really engage with your neighbors, be sure you’re taking advantage of these fun events.


We hope these five ideas encourage you to get out and say hello to your neighbors in our DFW master-planned community!