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Vacation Safety Tips to Keep Your Home Safe During the Holiday


The holidays are here and you can feel the cheerful spirit everywhere you go in Lantana, TX. While many of you may be hosting your holiday festivities at your Lantana home, some of you may be traveling. Although our master-planned community is a safe place to live, here are a few tips to assure that your home is secure while you are on vacation.



Ask a Neighbor for Help

If you’re going to be away for a while, it’s a good idea to ask one of your neighbors that you know is staying in town to help. Lantana is such a close and safe community where the neighbors are always willing to help each other. Ask them to pick up your mail and newspapers as this will make it appear that you are still home. If they’re having guests over, you can offer them your driveway as well. This is a clever way to help to make it seem like someone is at your home.

Be Careful About What You Post

With all the different social media out there today, it can be very easy for a burglar to see that you aren’t home. While it’s still safer to not post anything, if you do post pictures about your vacation, make sure your privacy settings are set to allow only people you know see what you’re posting, and wait to post pictures after your trip.

Timers for Your Lights

While Lantana homes are designed to be energy efficient, leaving your lights on the entire time while you’re away is not. Yes, you want it to appear as if someone is at your home, but you don’t want to waste energy. The easiest fix is to install timers for your lights. You can adjust them so that your lights turn on and off the same time everyday. 

These 3 tips will help to ensure the safety of your home while away on your holiday vacation. If you have a new house on your holiday wish list, then you can visit our website and learn all about our safe community in Lantana, TX!