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4 Ways To Celebrate Earth Day In North Texas

The sun is beginning to shine in North Texas and spring has fully sprung. The warm seasonal weather has us craving the outdoors, and what better time is there to celebrate the new season than Earth Day next week? We’ve put together a list of four ways your family can show Earth some love both in and around your Lantana home.


1. Make a Play Garden

This is a great way for kids to play in the dirt and learn to take care of something, while being educated on plants and growth. Carve out a little section in your yard for them to have their own garden, instead of tinkering around in your landscape. There are numerous stores that sell plastic gardening tools for kids that work just as well as normal tools, but are safer! Take your children with you to the store or a local farmer’s market in Flower Mound, Argyle or Highland Village to pick out plants. Then show them how to plant and tend to their new play area.


2. Recycled Wind Chimes

Speaking of the garden, a wonderful way to personalize the backyard of your Lantana home is to insert a wind chime. In honor of Earth Day, why not make a recycled one? For this windy day project, all you need is various sizes of tin cans (from canned vegetables, soup, etc.), paint, and string. Simply peel the paper labels off and recycle them, then paint the tin cans the color of your choosing and poke a hole to insert the string and hang up! It’s as easy as that.


3. Earth Day Texas

If you feel like getting out of the house, load your family up in the car and head to Dallas for Earth Day Texas 2015. The fun two-day event takes place April 24th and 25th at Fair Park and is free. This annual event is outdoors and will include numerous Eco Expos, exhibitions, crafts, activities and music that will influence the way we think about the environment.


4. DIY Bird Feeder

Part of celebrating the Earth is celebrating the Earth’s creatures. Lantana, TX is home to some beautiful bird types, so we thought it would be nice to feed them. A fun craft with your family is building a pinecone peanut butter bird feeder. Simply dip a pinecone into a mixture of peanut butter and oats, then roll it in bird feed. Once coated, allow for the peanut butter to dry, and then string it up in a tree. The birds will love the new addition to your yard and your kids will enjoy making it!


We hope these tips for celebrating Earth Day in Texas will bring your family a lot of joy and help to make you environmentally savvy. For more event happenings in and around the Lantana, Argyle, and Flower Mound area – check back on our blog!